Pipette Doctor by Sartorius

UK and Ireland


Pipette Doctor by Sartorius is one of the UK’s leading pipette service, repair and calibration companies, delivers the highest level of service and calibration.
We provide maintenance and calibration services for pipettes of all types i.e. single channel manual/electronic, multi-channel manual/electronic, bottle-top dispensers & repeater pipettes, on the principle of:
  • All makes
  • All models
  • All volumes
We also service and calibrate centrifuges, and hold accreditation to ISO17025 for Rotational Speed, Temperature and Time.


We are audited annually by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) against the standard ISO 17025:2005, and testing is carried out in general accordance to the ISO8655:2002 standards.



  • Maintenance and Calibration services from a single service provider
    without the hassle of dealing with multiple service centres.
  • Simple pricing
  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • Fast and flexible service
  • Reliable calibration results are traceable to international standards
  • Sartorius' pipette calibration laboratory is accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) in accordance with
    the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation standard.

Contact Details

Information requests:
Tel.: 01372 737101

Sartorius Ltd Trading as Pipette Doctor
Longmead Business Centre
Blenheim Road
KT19 9QQ
United Kingdom

Send Us Your Pipettes for Service and Calibration

Feel free to ask us about maintenance and calibration, spare parts, pipette usage training, technical problems and service package deals. We will respond as soon as is possible, either by e-mail or telephone.

Ask for a quotation via e-mail,, or send your order directly by printing and completing the Customer Liaison Form linked below.

Print out the Customer Liaison Form and Decontamination Report, fill in the required fields and the details of the pipettes or centrifuges to be dispatched.

  1. Decontamination report: The form to return with your pipettes after decontamination
  2. Customer Liaison Form (Pipettes) - This is to be completed before we can perform an accredited pipette calibration It is a requirement of ISO17025:2005.
  3. Customer Liaison Form (Centrifuges) -This is to be completed before we can perform an accredited centrifuge calibration.
  4. Accreditation certificate and schedule of accreditation - *Note- the certificate of accreditation issued by UKAS is not renewed annually. The schedule is updated as and when changes are made.
  5. Multichannel and Single channel pipette sample accredited calibration certificates - These particular examples are accredited, 10 readings at 3 volume certificate, and include “As Found” calibration results. There is an example for both single, and multi-channel pipettes.

Other Downloads


  Quanta Pro

Quanta software provides an opportunity to both manage and calibrate pipette inventory and meets all the needs of a small to medium sized laboratory who may wish to check their pipettes on a regular basis but does not require software with in depth reporting, spares management, training modules etc.

The software can be downloaded from their website and all data can be stored on-line reducing backup concerns and loss of information. Quanta Software is available with various modules which ensure that all possible requirements are covered.

Please Note: QuantaCheck is freeware and will not need any payment to activate and use.


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Dispatch Instructions:

  1. Clean the outside of the pipette using a soft lint-free cloth and 70 % EtOH.
  2. Complete the Customer Liaison Form and Decontamination Report carefully and place the printout in the package with the pipette(s). List all the items being sent in for service, and the accompanying extras, such as other brand tips and chargers. Be sure to decontaminate the pipette if it has been used for any blood or serums, body fluids, pathological specimens, carcinogens, toxins, hazardous chemicals or radioactive substances.
  3. Pack the instruments, and accompanying accessories with suitable packaging material to prevent the contents from getting damaged during transportation. Include the completed Customer Liaison Form and Decontamination Report.
  4. Address the package to:
    Sartorius Pipette Doctor
    Longmead Business Centre
    Blenheim Road
    KT19 9QQ
    United Kingdom
  5. Dispatch the package to Sartorius Pipette Doctor, or to take advantage of our FREE OF CHARGE pipette collection service please contact or 01372 737101 and we will be happy to arrange collection of your pipettes using our preferred courier company -Interlink Express.


Remember to list all the accompanying items.